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Through a patented process invented by Ilan Ben Simon called Bee Fuse, bees are offered a proprietary nutrient containing FULL SPECTRUM HEMP. BeeMD, powered by Bee Fuse Technology, is a raw hemp honey that tastes better, works faster and maintains the full spectrum profile so that the consumer benefits from the Entourage Effect.

All Natural

Bee Fuse Technology allows the entire plant profile to pass through bees and naturally into our bright, ruby red honey. Because the bees do everything, BeeMD has no preservatives, no additives and there is no post-harvest processing.

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How It Works Direct from Bee to you

Unlike other hemp honey products, BeeMD is not blended and not infused. Bees produce raw hemp honey that is offered “Direct from Bee to You”. The absence of an endocannabinoid system in insects allows for a safe and more effective means for bees to produce our water soluble, sweet tasting product.

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A Little Goes a Long Way

By bypassing the digestive system, full spectrum cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream which does not allow the liver to filter some of the effective properties of our honey.
Lower concentrations yielding higher effects is what BeeMD is about.

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Highly Bio-Available

The absence on an endocannabinoid system in insects allows for a safe and effective means for bees to produce our raw hemp honey.
The stomach takes time to process cannabinoids and degrade the potency, making sub-lingual administration more bioavailable.

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Quick and Safe Sublingual Administration

Bees glycolyze the cannabinoid lipids into sugars, the cannabinoids are now water soluble.
Water soluble cannabinoids can be absorbed in the mouth versus being processed in the stomach allowing effectiveness within minutes.

Phytopharma International

Established by a team of accomplished entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge and experience in agro-technologies, medical research and plant breeding, PhytoPharma brings innovative solutions, aiming to improve peoples’ lives by unlocking the full potential of medical herbs and plants.

Direct From Bee to You

BeeMD’s full spectrum hemp honey is consumed sub-lingually, allowing it to be absorbed by the mouth’s saliva glands because it is water soluble. Since the honey bypasses the stomach and liver, speed to effect is a fraction of the time compared to infused and blended products currently in the market.
In addition, because the stomach’s enzymes filter much of the cannabinoids before it reaches the bloodstream, sub-lingual administration, as a result of the bee making the cannabinoids water soluble, provides for greater bio-availability. Said another way, BeeMD can deliver active ingredients into the blood far more efficiently than a product processed by the stomach. Less is needed for more effects.

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